Conventions in Las Vegas

Upcoming Conventions in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered the convention capital of the world due to the massive amount of conventions held each year. 2016 is absolutely no exception to that fine rule. It has all kinds of reason to be a fine place to host conventions but the number one reason is the sheer size of the place. When people are no longer in the daily grind of the convention itself it is a perfect place for all sorts of entertainment. They don’t call it and adult playground for nothing. Great places to eat, plethora of shows and fantastic clubs and nightlife. We also must not forget it is an excellent place to gamble whether it is the millions of one arm bandits or even the fun and socially entertaining table games

Biggest conventions of 2016 and beyond

While Las Vegas did not win the bid for the Republican National Convention which is going to be held in Cleveland this year they did secure the top four trade shows which will bring in astonishing number of people into the town this year. What town, wouldn’t be interested in all the people feeding money back into their economy. The trade show coming in at number 1 is the Consumer Electrics Show followed directly by The Special Equipment Market Show at number 2. Following at number 8 is the World Concrete Show and number 9 is the Consumer Goods Trade Show. Those are just four of the trade shows on the docket for 2016 Las Vegas.

The consumer electronics show coming January 6-9th

The keynote speaker will be none other than GM CEO Mary Berra. This is not open to the public but offers plenty for any business looking to grow. Learning more about the world of business and is the place to be in 2016 for any business large or small. So come down and learn about how to make your business larger in 2016. This will help any company start out the year right.

The Special Equipment Market Show

SEMA is a car show of types bringing in over 60,000 for the aftermarket parts industry. The world of aftermarket car parts is a thriving market in today’s world and is happening in Nov 2015 and has not announced the 2016 show but considering the 2015 show has not approached that is understandable although speculation is November 2016. The aftermarket car business is huge and booming, how many upgraded cars have you seen?

World Concrete Trade Show running November 1st- 5th

The fascinating world of concrete which is a massive product used all over the world and why there is a need for the World Concrete Show. Held in Las Vegas at the convention center is considered to be #9 on the list of top ten conventions in Las Vegas. Attend and learn more about the world of concrete. 50,000 people will be in attendance, which is nothing to sniff at being such a high number is great for Las Vegas.

Consumer Goods Trade Show February 28th- March 2nd

If your company is Consumer Goods Company than this is the ultimate trade show for you and we suggest that you attend. This trade show is expected to be 45,000 people in attendance from 88 countries around the world. This is a phenomenal place to market to one of the buyers in attendance. If you sell it this is the place to come and by it we mean anything!

Only four of thousands of trade shows

Yes, this is just four of thousands of conventions happening in Las Vegas this year. It is the perfect spot to host a convention and there are many more than four but it is important these highly publicized well attended conventions be out and able to represent some of the top trade shows in Las Vegas. Consider going to Las Vegas and attending one of these fantastic four if your business lines up correctly.

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